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Another Course with Puppies working on Stays




There will be no more Puppy Training at present.  If you need help, I am more than happy to do One to One with you and your dog.  Please call me on 07467020446.





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FRIDAY          7.30 - 8.30p.m.Bronze Class

                         who wants to refresh on exercises, OR, older puppies/dogs

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                           We hold puppy courses throughout the year at the village hall, Rough Common.

The eight week courses are based on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dogs Scheme.   They are designed for the average pet dog owner and are easy to follow.    This type of Training uses the most  up-to-date methods used now adays.    The Classes are very relaxed with no pressure on owner or dog.   They are great fun and suitable for any dog and owner who needs to teach their dog the basic commands.   It does include plenty of recalls (teaching the dog to come when called).  

Every new owner receives a puppy pack on their first week.   This consists of Kennel Club information on the course.   Also work sheets covering the exercises attempted each week.

 Week 7 and doing Stays.   All pups looking happy and working well!


Trimac Dog Training at Rough Common is the foremost dog training school in this area to teach relaxed training methods.  No harsh handling, or pulling on leads to get dogs to walk correctly.   All the training is REWARD BASED, using gentle and effective ways of getting a response to commands, so we use treats and toys.   This makes the dog keen to attempt the new exercises.   It makes learning fun for dog and owner.   This is what dog training is all about - having fun with your dog.

With young puppies the main exercises learnt are:-

  • How to get your Pups Attention
  • Different types of Recall, (Inside and Outdoors) 
  • Sit, Down and Stand 
  • Walking in a Controlled Way(Inside and Outdoors) 
  • Grooming, Inspection & Relaxation
  • Playing with Owner
  • Interacting with Other People and Dogs
  • Giving up Articles on Command
  • Food Manners - Bones & Food 
  • Stay Command
  • First Aid
  • Your Responsibility as a Dog Owner

As you can see, there is an awful lot we can cover in the eight weeks.  It makes for a very exciting and stimulating time not only for the dog but also the owner!    All these exercises are within the capability of every dog owner and the earlier you start the better.   Puppies can come on the course as soon as your Vet. says they are covered by their 1st vaccination.   Socialisation can start from nine weeks after the first vaccination.  This will be inside and with other vaccinated puppies.  

Please be assured, I will do what I can to help you and your new pup enjoy a stress free way of training.    During the Course there will be time to talk about the care of puppy and any questions.   We cover such things as house soiling, jumping up, separation anxiety, food manners are taught with your dogs food bowl and bone guarding, mouthing/biting and controlled walking when out and about and recalls, which we do in the hall and out on the field.   During the summer evening course, or when the weather is fine on the afternoon course, we use the field for training, particularly for recalls and loose lead walking.   This teaches the pups to stay close and not to pull on the lead.   These are very important exercises and I do suggest families work on these exercises together over the week end.   This is when a long line is useful.   You can purchase a 15ft or 25ft length long line from me quite cheaply, or bring your own.

Socialisation and fun times are included in the classes, with play times where appropriate, keeping owners and puppies happy and relaxed.   See below


Some useful First Aid is taught and demonstrations included are emergency treatment for dogs and bandaging.   Giving up one hour aweek to training a puppy on the course is not alot and so worth the effort.   It is going to give you the building blocks to having a well trained dog, a highly valued member of the family that you can take anywhere.  

It is also important to get the children involved, so I do like the whole family to come when ever possible and learn to handle their dog correctly.   So well behaved children are more than welcome to come and help train their puppy.


On completion of the 8 week course, you will receive a Kennel Club Certificate and Rosette.

If you want to continue your dog's education, you can go on to take the Bronze Course.   We have groups other groups on Friday.

Grooming & Inspection

Private Lessons

If for any reason, you feel unable to attend classes, then private lessons are always available, either at your house or mine.  give me a ring and we can have a chat and arrange something to suit.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos.   Go to the Photo Gallery.  The Albums are mainly for those attending the courses but feel free to browse.   It will give you some idea of what can be achieved in a relatively short time and the fun you can have training your dog.   If you find you are getting into difficulties with your training, then it is always possible to have a One to One either at the Village Hall Rough Common, or at my house.   It is most important that you are happy with every aspect of your dogs Training and Behaviour.

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Check out LATEST INFORMATION on the Navigation Bar for dates of the Next Puppy Course.   I can email you information, or you can ring me on the number below.

If you wish to book your puppy on the PUPPY COURSE, please Contact:- 


Tel. No.  07467020446 or 01227 454049


We have plenty of parking at the front and rear of Rough Common Village Hall.   Rough Common is near The University in Canterbury and easily accessed from the old A2, or Canterbury/Whitstable Road.


Classes who have finished their 8-Week course

A very happy crowd who have had their pups off lead

Everybody working on something with their puppy

 Working on recall

heel work and down stay

Work on the Down

Puppy Playtime


Teaching Recall

With patience, inspection of paws & Teaching Puppy Heel Position Sit

Stay Command in puppy class



  Teaching a young pup the down



Teaching puppies free walking outside

Jedwood learning to walk free

 And to Sit, great one William!

Even Greyhounds can be taught to sit and lie down!

Working on Recalls

Lab puppy doing recall